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Etesal Sout

ABOUT Etesal Sout

The Etesal Sout company started in 2021 . Firstly our business was a trade in telecommunication branch.
In 2018 we established manufacturer of Public Address audio equipment. We signed many agreement with Iranian Costumers to develope SIP Paging Products then our business changed to high technology in Industrial audio equipment.
We had a lot of successes with SIP Paging equipment selling Public Address and Voice Alarm systems.
Year by year our business grew and in 2007 we transformed into Limited Company. To make our offer more complete and wider we started cooperation with Copper and steel industries. which is demanded manufacturer for Public Address Equipment.

Etesal Sout is one of the best PA audio equipment made in Iran using newest knowledge and technology.
Due to large capital expenditures, especially in R&D area, Etesal Sout products have best quality,  very advanced in technology and gave the possibility of building modern audio systems.
Etesal Sout is leading brand on PA market and Etesal Sout products are exported to Middle East. Due to wide offer, highest technology and flexibility in cooperation with customers our company is still developing.

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